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Nancy and clientHypnotherapy is hypnosis applied for therapeutic purposes, used in the course of psychotherapy.

Hypnosis can be a powerful aid in psychotherapy, providing effective positive support for examining and changing detrimental patterns in your life.

The hypnotic state can be used to introduce beneficial suggestions to increase self esteem, confidence, creativity and an openness to change, or to draw on resources you didn't even know you had. These can establish a positive basis for the process of psychotherapy.

In addition, therapeutic techniques introduced during hypnosis, can be very powerful in accessing all of your inner resources to heal trauma, fears or depression, and to elicit the change you desire.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can be used in the psychotherapeutic process to work through issues that cause difficulty in your life. It is a tool that can speed up change.

This is a way of working with dreams based on the Senoi Indian approach, that does not involve interpretation. Instead, you are guided back into the dream during hypnosis, to dream it differently, to interact with the source of your fear and get the messages and gifts that your dream has to offer. This is a powerful and creative way of working directly with the contents of the unconscious mind to transform aspects of your life in powerfully positive, and inherently ecological  ways.

In this way, you can overcome old fears, resolve other life issues, and access the resources hidden in your unconscious mind. You can get the learnings that you need to get from the dream, and enrich your life.

Hypnotherapeutic dreamwork is especially helpful in putting an end to nightmares and recurring dreams.

And also powerfully positive dreams can be used to help you to bring the positive resources and strengths of the dream into fruition in your life.

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Past life regression may be used for spiritual development and exploration. It is also of great value within the context of therapy, for the healing of emotional blocks and other issues in your present life.

Even if you are just curious about it and want to explore it for its own sake, you will come away with helpful insights, learnings and new understandings.  

Is it real?

Sometimes past life events, that are recalled with specific dates and names, can be verified; sometimes they cannot, and it doesn’t really matter, as long as what you get through this kind of exploration is of value.

You may think whatever you recall is real. You may think of it as a fantasy, or a kind of dream that takes place in hypnosis, rather than sleep. Whichever way you think of it, the insight, the new understandings, learnings and wisdom that pertain to your current life are very real. This is the true purpose of past life exploration!