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Art Therapy combines the creative process and psychotherapy, facilitating self-exploration and understanding. Using imagery, colour, and shape as part of this creative therapeutic process, thoughts and feelings may be expressed that would otherwise be difficult to articulate. It may help to determine, delineate, and sort through obstacles that you may not have been fully consciously aware of. It also provides a forum through which you can interact with those obstacles and make changes on a symbolic level through the pictures you create spontaneously. Because the natural language of the unconscious mind is symbolic, it is a natural process for it to implement those changes within you in such a way that they begin to manifest themselves in surprising, interesting and pleasant ways in your outer life.

Your art work can also provide a focus for discussion in psychotherapy, not for the therapist to interpret your pictures, but for you, with the therapist’s guidance to find the meaning within you that created the picture in the first place.

In addition, some people like to use drawing or painting while talking with the therapist to relax and relieve some of the tension you might experience while talking about difficult or intimate aspects of yourself and your life.

Simple art materials are provided for you to use in any way that suits you. Absolutely no training, experience or talent is needed. There are no right or wrong ways to do things; no expectations to meet, not even your own. Just let go and play with the materials.

The use of art therapy in the psychotherapeutic context, can work seamlessly together with NLP, hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. They are all different but related ways of working with your conscious and unconscious minds in collaboration to guide you through the process of making the changes you want to make, and achieving your outcomes.

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Are you interested in becoming an art therapist, and looking for a training program? The Canadian Art Therapy Association, or CATA, has the information you are looking for. This external link will open in a new window.